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absolutely gorgeous

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Telling people how I feel has always been one of the hardest things for me to do.
A lot of it is due to my upbringing, but I have also really relied on training myself to get over things really quickly.
From being in a relationship I have learned balling up emotion is not right thing to do, and it’s better to just say what’s wrong. I have gotten a bit better in that regard.
To friends and regular people, it’s still a struggle to communicate, but at least today I found the strength to do it.

And I feel a lot better already.

I love some of my friends, but you don’t let them be sick on their birthday alone while going to another party. Major saltiness. Everyone is so selfish these days.

I always feel uncomfortable around my birthday.

Been in a classical music mood lately.

I blame the beautiful book I read earlier this week. I miss the piano…if I were to start playing again I would become very frustrated with my out-of-shape fingers.

Happiness is such a blissful thing.

Everything will be okay.


Coffee Drip Brew Machines  Dutch Lab

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Zhang Qiuju(张秋桔 Chinese, b.1973)

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Always be yourself.
The lesson that has brought the most wonderful people into my life.

Love my ladies!

Love my ladies!